You can find some links here to further information which we hope you find helpful.  

Please remember when using any of these links that some of the information you will find may expect or assume a certain degree of knowledge and it's rarely safe to use the contents of these sites to "self-diagnose". If you think you need some help we strongly advise you to contact a therapist - whether it's someone else or ourselves!


As qualified counsellors  we work according to the  Code of Ethics from our professional body the  British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Here you will find the Code of Ethics and much more information about Counselling and Psychotherapy generally.


A good place to find out more about Counselling and Psychotherapy in general is


If you'd like to know more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) there is a British Association at


Rational Emotive Therapy was founded by Dr.Albert Ellis after whom an Insitute in his name operates in New York ( and where in his 90's Dr.Ellis continues to practice) - find them at


One of the founding practitioners of Person Centred Counselling was Carl Rogers and you can find out more information about him, his work and other links at a website set up by his daughter Natalie Rogers who is herself a Therapist now.


You may be looking at our website because you have some difficulties of your own, you know someone who does, or you are contemplating Counselling/Psychotherapy yourself. Here are some links to sites which will give information and help on specific issues now






Eating Disorders        



Self Harm                   


Young People            


For a lot of information on a wide range of issues relating to mental health we find the Royal College of Psychiatry website is enormously helpful as they do a really good series of printable leaflets; try them at...


......then follow the link on the left to "mental health information" and it will give you a menu of topics from which you can view and print their excellent leaflets.  


(Note: The ideas and opinions expressed in the sites obtained through the above links are for guidance only; we don't necessarily subscribe to, nor agree with, everything you will find there. They are a good start however!)