You will find information here about the charges we make and the concessions which are available

We try to make it as affordable as possible.

The standard hourly charge is £30

We have concessionary spaces, at reduced rates, for those on a low wage or in receipt of some Benefits - please ask us about this.

Irrespective of the charge you pay the quality of the work we do with you, and the time we devote to you, will not vary

We advise an initial half-hour consultation for new clients which is FREE. This will explain more about what we can do with you and help you decide how you want to proceed

We may be available for evening and weekend working at no extra cost.


Student Counsellors 

(You will need to do this for your qualification) £15 per hour


(Note: We don't offer telephone counselling. According to communication experts 95% of interaction is non-verbal - only 5% of the message we convey is in the words we use and the way we say them. Therefore we don't feel we can offer you the best service if we are not face-to-face).